O5 Tea x Average Sunday - Follow the Rabbit

Limited Release

Go down the rabbit hole of fine Japanese tea with this limited-edition 2023 Chiran Shincha Japanese green tea from O5 Rare Tea.

In honour of the upcoming exclusive Azuki event, Follow the Rabbit being held in Las Vegas, we have paired up once again with the renowned O5 Rare Tea Bar. This spring-harvested green tea is intensely green, almost blue in color.

O5 Tea

O stands for obsession with Origin. The team at O5 travels the world building strong bonds with farmers and sourcing rare tea from remote villages. They want your cup to tell the story of the earth on which the tea grew and the hands that lovingly harvested each leaf. FIVE represents Natureʼs elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Void. In harmony, these elements express tea leaves into an outstanding cup.

The Chiran Shincha

Chiran Shincha is a Japanese loose leaf green tea that is intensely green (almost blue). Furuichi San's beautifully balanced sencha blend brews a drink of verdant intensity and umami richness. These leaves are grown by the Furuichi family in Chiran, Kagoshima, Japan. Tasting notes of sweet grass, citrus finish and umami. This delicious, fresh, shade grown tea happens to be ideal for mizudashi (ice brewing).

After World War II, grandfather Furuichi had only a bike and a love for tea. He biked through the Chiran region in Japan buying tea leaves and making his own tea. Now his tea company is run by three generations of the Furuichi family and produces some of the best sencha we’ve ever had.

Follow the Rabbit | 2023 Chiran Sincha

Follow the Rabbit | 2023 Chiran Shincha

This was a limited edition tea available for purchase at the Follow the Rabbit, Azuki event in Las Vegas.