House of Funk x Average Sunday

Limited Release - 150 cans (SOLD OUT)

House of Funk and Average Sunday have partnered up to create this exciting limited edition blend inspired by the debut graphic novel, The Adventures of Hiro-San.

House of Funk

Fresh flavours, meticulous roasting and a whole lot of funk. House of Funk of Vancouver, BC, procures only traceable beans from farms that align with their values of sustainability and community to create delicious, exceptional coffee.

House of Funk considers community as family and one of their core values is that decentralized decision making empowers the creative individual and we couldn’t agree more.

The Blend

Hiro-San // Kenya Filter

Reminds us of: black cherry, red grape, and just a touch of pineapple.

This coffee is inspired by terroir depicted in our graphic novel - The Adventures of Hiro-San, which among other things depicts the journey of a coffee bean from seed to sip. House of Funk has created the perfect coffee pairing! The illustrations include scenes of coffee farms and production, and we wanted to match the imagery with an equally beautiful coffee. So we chose this double-washed Kenyan, a coffee with the sweet, fruity profile we look for in a Kenyan, but to a more subtle degree. It has a gentle acidity and a lightly creamy texture that makes for easy and highly enjoyable drinking — ideal for enjoying as you read The Adventures of Hiro-San!

Each can of coffee includes a digital copy of The Adventures of Hiro-San by Average Sunday, yours to download via the QR code on the label.

Origin: Kenya

Importer: Root 86

Region: Sondhi

Varietal: SL-28, SL-34, Ruiru 11

Elevation: 1500 - 1800 masl

Process: Double Washed

Hiro-San by House of Funk

This was a limited edition blend from House of Funk inspired by the debut graphic novel, The Adventures of Hiro-San.