O5 Tea x Average Sunday - Sunday Matcha

Limited Release

O5 Tea and Average Sunday have partnered to create this unique, limited edition matcha featuring Amani, a one-of-a-kind character from the Azuki digital anime brand, designed by Art Director, Arnold Tsang (aka Steamboy).

O5 Tea

O stands for obsession with Origin. The team at O5 travels the world building strong bonds with farmers and sourcing rare tea from remote villages. They want your cup to tell the story of the earth on which the tea grew and the hands that lovingly harvested each leaf. FIVE represents Natureʼs elements: Earth, Water, Wind, Fire and Void. In harmony, these elements express tea leaves into an outstanding cup. 

This collaboration made sense because both O5 and Average Sunday lean into the narrative and quality behind our products and we admire the supply chain transparency and support for suppliers that they stand for.

The Matcha

This limited-edition tea was milled specially for Average Sunday. Hosoi Kenta, the grower, is a multi-generational tea farmer whose family began farming tea in the Meiji Era in Wazuka (Kyoto), Japan. This tencha tea is of the okumidori (おくみどり) cultivar, which is relatively rare (less than 3% of Japan’s yearly harvest).

This tea has a silky smooth mouthfeel, luscious nose, glowing green emerald colour and rich umami. It is milled at a lower temperature for best expression.

Sunday Matcha by O5 Tea

O5 Tea x Average Sunday - Sunday Matcha was available for purchase exclusively through O5 Tea for $35 CAD. This was a limited-edition tea.