The Adventures of Hiro-San

Limited Release - digital and print

Average Sunday presents The Adventures of Hiro-San, written by Daniel Andrew and illustrated by Anna Levy. Step into the world of Hiro-San, our favourite coffee bean, learn about his origins, how he came to have his unique set of traits, and how he met his human bean partner, Amani. 

This is the first long-form narrative produced by Average Sunday and aims to take our community deep into our brand story, told through the eyes of our main characters. Our shop along with artifacts from our previous collaborators and friends appear at points within the book. Throughout the creative process in this work, one of the central questions was: does the brand live within the story or does the story live within the brand? 

About the Artist

Anna Levy is an artist, illustrator and storyteller who is fascinated with the interplay between the self, human consciousness, and artistic expression as a way to communicate with one another. Anna does not have a preferred artistic medium; she works both digitally and traditionally, both stemming from a lifelong love of painting and drawing. She thrives on immersing herself in the details of a piece, specifically the nuanced shadows and light effects in her realism works. Anna earned her BA in Art Studio from Tulane University and is currently doing a Master of Fine Arts in Illustration at Savannah College of Art and Design.

The Adventures of Hiro-San is Anna’s debut graphic novel.

Azuki Bean Hiro-San in the Alley

The Adventures of Hiro-San

Step into the world of Hiro-San. Follow our favourite coffee bean as he embarks on a kismet adventure to find his unique set of traits and his new best friend, Amani.

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